Conference: April 23-26, 2019
Exhibition: April 24-25, 2019

Mirage Events Center, Las Vegas, NV

Interactive Digital Showcase – Building Blocks of a Connected Plant

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6 Blocks To Be Addressed

Built by the industry, for the industry, this interactive control room and digital experience will provide an opportunity to learn first-hand about technology solutions focused on equipment reliability, predictive maintenance, and training. Participate in this interactive, experiential digital showcase of all the latest elements and technology of a connected power plant. The Interactive Digital Showcase will be open for the duration of the exhibition and available for all attendees to explore.




Augmented / Virtual Reality Block This technology block will help you better understand the hardware and software tools available that allow engineers, technicians, and operators to gain visual assistance in the field with quick access to equipment information and help from experts.
Condition-Based Maintenance Bloc Condition-based maintenance is driven by data collected in an Asset Performance Management System.  Experience how the system monitors trends in equipment operating data to indicate which assets are beginning to fail and alerts plant personnel that maintenance may be required.
Operations Block (Operator Effectiveness) Technologies to improve ergonomics for operators in the control room are an important part of operator effectiveness.  They can include everything from high performance graphics, to alarm management, to an adjustable control desk, to overall control room design, and more. Visit this block to find out how technologies help operators run their plants more effectively and in a safer manner.
Plant Data Historian/Control System Historian Learn about database tools used to capture operational and process data on both a short-term, high speed basis and long-term, slower speed basis to troubleshoot issues and drive overall plant performance improvements.
Demand/Dispatch – Remote Operations Center Bloc Learn how connected technologies allow corporate / fleet performance managers to collect data from, analyze, and assist plants with operational and performance related issues.  A remote operations center can take on several different purposes: A power plant can react to what is coming from the balancing authority and dispatch units based on economics and system reliability, it can act as a remote M&D center to monitor the plant with centralized, multi-unit operational capability, or it can be a remote desk to manage its DERs.
Optimization/Analytics Block Using model-based systems that run real-time and make control changes, optimization/analytics technologies help optimize process parameters such as NOx, CO, heat rate, and more. These systems utilize software technologies that glean operational / process data from plant historians to create digital twins used in optimizing plant processes.  This includes key performance indicator (KPI) analysis to modeling, and model predictive control.

Plan time to experience the Interactive Digital Showcase during the Exhibition!

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