Conference: April 23-26, 2019
Exhibition: April 24-25, 2019

Mirage Events Center, Las Vegas, NV

Conference Tracks

Transitioning Toward the Future – The Next Generation of Power

If progress is a goal, then change is inevitable. An industry that doesn’t adapt to changing conditions will eventually become irrelevant. The power industry faces many disrupting forces, and now is the time to focus on evolving to overcome the challenges. With this belief in mind, the 2019 conference theme, "Transitioning Toward the Future – The Next Generation of Power," was created. POWER and the Program Committee are bringing content to ELECTRIC POWER that will not only expose you and your team to the latest technology and opportunities but also provide a space for open communication amongst peers from around the world so you can learn how others are transitioning.

The ELECTRIC POWER Conference & Exhibition provides hands-on training on our exhibit floor and educational development during conference sessions with current, relevant insight from the industry’s leading publication, POWER magazine, and directly from end-users just like you. The training and education received at ELECTRIC POWER can be applied next week, not years from now, and will transition you into the next generation of power.

2019 Conference Tracks

Thought Leader Jam Sessions

  • Be Millenial Magnet
    Discover the three phases of Millennial recruitment–attention, interest, commitment; hear about best practices of managing and retaining employees who are impatient, unmotivated, and entitled; and learn tactical strategies for managing remote teams.
  • The Changing Power Landscape
    In this State of the Industry Address, POWER magazine's editors will touch on the power landscape–past, present, and future–offering insight gleaned through their interaction with experts throughout the power industry and will help answer the question, "How should utilities respond to the transitioning power landscape?"

General Sessions

Operations and Maintenance Strategies
Update your O&M toolkit by attending these sessions. Learn more about advanced sensors and software that empowers maintenance professionals to be proactive in scheduling and performing needed maintenance work.

Environmental and Energy Policies
This track will continue to share updates on new and/or proven solutions to environmental mandates already in place while addressing other policy issues that will affect the power plant of the future.

Natural Gas Solutions
As natural gas continues to grow in usage this track will focus on technology updates and other areas of interest for gas turbine power plants.

Renewable Energy Solutions and Implementation
Energy storage technology has moved renewable energy off the back burner and to the forefront of the industry.   Find out the best options for your company to increase its renewable offerings.

Coal Power Updates
This track will address the latest issues surrounding coal-fired power generation—everything from safety in the coal yard to extreme load cycling as a result of changing supply and demand profiles.

Nuclear Power Updates
This track will address new and continuing issues around running a nuclear power plant—everything from accident tolerant fuel improvements to power uprate opportunities and financial strategies for keeping plants profitable.

Management and Beyond
This track is geared toward plant managers and corporate decision-makers. It includes everything from budgets to addressing customer needs. This is the place to open up and discuss challenges with your peers. These sessions will be facilitated by industry leaders and will encourage peer to peer participation to give you the tools you need to implement change within your organization.

Workforce Development/Human Resources
This track will continue to focus on workforce issues include training inexperienced staff and keeping the plant safe with limited resources and fewer people.

Using Data and Digital Technology to Enhance Your Plant
Data analytics is the wave of the future. This track will focus on how you can use data from your plant to plan and make better decisions. We will also address real-world solutions to cybersecurity concerns in your own backyard.

Distributed/On-site Generation
This track will focus on all types of on-site generation, including sessions on CHP applications, cost justifications, technology options, and how power companies can work closely with partners on win-win strategies to increase efficiency and make more money.